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Detriments of Buying Fake Streams & Social Media Followers [Part 2]



After sharing with you a major detriment in buying fake streams in my previous post (find here) which is LOSS OF POTENTIAL FANS & AUDIENCE. I have chose to share something of great importance to you again today.

Most times when we buy streams and followers we really never think about the effect on the LONG RUN. For a start it might seem all sweet and cool but with time you begin to see consequences you never bargained for.


In this present day higher numbers of streams doesn’t equal quality talent/content. It is very possible to have a mind blowing number of streams on a song with low quality.

Also in this days, it has become easy to tell between real and fake streams. When labels, investors and partners sees that you manipulated your streams and followers you lost potential opportunity, reliability and integrity.

The worse is that the information they just received will also be shared to their colleagues in the industry.
This is completely harmful to your career/ministry.

Avoid buying Fake Streams.
Don’t even buy streams at all because you will not know the source the platform gives you stream from.

Please Don’t get depressed when you see other people who are working diligently to grow their craft and make impact succeed, Don’t get depressed when you see the number of streams and followers they have, they deserve it because they have put in the work. Put in the work and you will also get same result.

FAKE STREAMS deceives everyone first before it deceives you and most times you realize this on the long run when it might be quite late.

Never you fall for this.

Don’t buy streams!!
Work on your Marketing instead.

Author: Ezinne Benita

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