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God’s Image by Oladimeji Olawunmi (Mp3 Download & Lyrics)



God's Image by Oladimeji Olawunmi

Nigerian Gospel Music Artiste and Song Writer Oladimeji Olawunmi Releases A brand New Single Titled “God’s Image

Download God’s Image by Oladimeji Olawunmi below

God’s Image Lyrics by Oladimeji Olawunmi

Intro:Ummm ummm ummm ooooooooo ooooo ooooo.

Solo Chorus: O wu Oluwa
O wu Eleda
O da mi
Ni aworan ara re ooo

(Back ups repeat chorus twice)


Verse 1
I was made in His likeness
Created in His image
I was born to serve the Lord
(I was made in His likeness,in His image I was formed.Oda mi ni aworan ara re ooo)

Chorus 2ce


All I have inside of me
Is the identity of Christ
Aworan arare ooo.

Verse 2
Jesu mi emi iye
Sinu mi,Emi re
Loso mi deniyan ooo.


Solo: But we all, beholding as in a glass
I’m transformed to the likeness of our God
I’m the image of the Lord
That’s the consciousness that I have
Oooooo,Aworan Jesu ni mo je

Spoken words:
At creation,the Creator called the meeting of the trinity
To make me after their image and likeness
Oh,what a joy to know that I am not a toy but deployed as a nation to play a part in the mission of creation
I am God’s image is not an adage but an advantage for me to give courage in my present age and deliver those in bondage
Not for fun was I born but to burn for God and set ablaze the craze that the father of lies made men take so
My existence is not a mistake and
Yes,your existence is not a mistake!!!

Outro: uhhhhh uhhhh uhhhh uhhhh

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