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Yeshua (Komi Na Naka Ne) by Nene Olajide



Nene Olajide is an anointed minstrel known for her spirit-filled songs which has blessed so many lives..
She presents us with another spirit-filled song, titled “Yeshua (Komi Na Naka Ne)”

NeNe Olajide a native of OGUN state brought up in the ancient city of KADUNA, she began singing from her choir in her local church,
NeNe Olajide ventured into music professionally as a call from God to bring Light into darkness,She is face of emergency crew.

NeNe Olajide runs a monthly gathering that deals with teenager’s over 5 years now, focusing on creative mindset & rekindling there spirit. Also she host a yearly meeting called “WAY OF THE SPIRIT” a gathering that has birthed several miracles and transform lives. A gathering with unusual atmosphere.

Download and get blessed by this amazing sound..

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Yeshua by Nene Olajide Lyrics

Who am I oh Lord
That you’re mindful of me
What am I oh Lord that you care so much for me…(2x)

Komai na, naka ne
Komai na naka ne(2x)

Yeshua almasheya…
Komai na naka ne
Yeshua almasheya
Komai na naka ne

A same giciye na Sami ceto
A asma giciye na Sami salama
Ray na a hanun ka yeke Yesu
Nabaka Komai da neke da shi…
Yashua almashiya komai naka ne(2x)

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