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Quiet by Elevation Rhythm (Mp3, Video & Lyrics)



quiet by elevation worship music cover Art

Elevation Rhythm is breaking the silence with their brand new deluxe single “QUIET” which drops today in two different versions on all global streaming services and social platforms. “QUIET” will be released as both a more upbeat track and a “stripped” version, which allows the song to translate and set the stage of any worship environment. 

Listen to “QUIET” HERE.

Written at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, worship leader Tiffany Hammer, says the song felt as if it came at the perfect time. “When the world feels as if it’s turned upside down and each day brings a new gloomy outlook, it’s difficult to know which voice to trust. We live in a world where the loudest voice is often the most heard, but God’s voice is usually heard in the moments of stillness.”

The message of “QUIET” is taken from the biblical passage where God promises to fight our battles, all we need to do is be still and trust him. “This song is an honest prayer between us and God, needing to hear his voice. We hope the listener will go on that journey with us,” says Hammer.

Watch Video Below

Quiet by Elevation Rhythm Lyrics

Here we go again my mind racing

And I can’t seem to win

All these crazy thoughts and feelings

It’s like it never ends

Until Your voice

Breaks through my noise

I know I’m not alone, not alone

You will fight my battles

If I will just be still

Why would I keep running

When You’re right here

I’ll just be quiet

And let You speak through the silence

Here I am no more hiding

You are in this moment

I won’t fight it

I’ll be quiet

I don’t need to know what comes next

Tomorrow’s in Your hands

I can trust You with my future

Cause You’re already there

I hear Your voice

Call me forward

I know I’m not alone, not alone

Away with the distractions

I wanna hear what’s true

The only words that matter

They come from You


God You’re here in the silence

Here I am no more hiding

You are in this moment

I won’t fight it

I’ll be quiet

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