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Rattle by Elevation Worship



Rattle by Elevation Worship

Elevation Worship brings to you an amazing song titled “Rattle”, and it’s brand new and it was ritten by Steven Furtick, Chris Brown and Brandon Lake, This is powerful song you’ll definitely Love on your playlist.
The Foreign music group never seem to bring good and faith lifting music to the body of Christ.

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Rattle by Elevation Worship Lyrics

Saturday was silent
Surely it was through
But since when has impossible
Ever stopped You

Friday’s disappointment
Is Sunday’s empty tomb
Since when has impossible
Ever stopped You

This is the sound
Of dry bones rattling
This is the praise
Make a dead man walk again
Open the grave
I’m coming out
I’m gonna live
Gonna live again
This is the sound
Of dry bones rattling!

Pentecostal fire
Stirring something new
You’re not gonna run out of miracles
Anytime soon

Resurrection power
Runs in my veins too
I believe there’s another miracle
Here in this room!

My God is able to save
And deliver and heal
And restore anything that He wants to

Just ask the man
Who was thrown
On the bones of Elisha
If there’s anything that He can’t do

Just ask the stone
That was rolled
At the tomb in the garden
What happens when God says to move

I feel Him moving it now
I feel Him doing it now
I feel Him doing it now
Do it now

Dry bones
Hear the word of the Lord!

This is what He said!

God said live
And the bones began to RATTLE!

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1 Comment

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