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“Miraculous Testimony: Child Brought Back to Life During Church Service while Moses Bliss was ministering, Pastor Confirms the Miracle ????????????????”



In an awe-inspiring incident at a local church service, a lifeless child was brought back to life during a powerful ministration of Moses Bliss.

The management team of the music minister received a text alerting them to the situation, prompting them to verify the authenticity of the claim. After making a call, the Pastor of the church branch confirmed that the child had indeed been brought in lifeless.

All glory is attributed to Jesus for this incredible event. The story stands as a testament to the enduring faith and the power of prayer.????????????????????????

Minister Moses Bliss took this joy to his social media and he could not contain it.

He wrote;

Thank you Jesus????Please everyone can we take a second and thank God for this mind blowing testimony.

When my management team received this text this evening around 6:43pm, I told them to call the number and confirm the authenticity and truly the Pastor of the church branch confirmed that the child was brought to the service dead by the mother but during the ministration while singing Daddy wey dey pamper the baby came back to life.
This is the power of God, God is real and He saves. He answers prayers. All glory to Jesus.????????????????????????

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