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HOLY by Harrison (Harrisonic) (Mp3 Download, Lyrics And Video)



Exceptional singer, songwriter and worship leader, Harrison aka Harrisonic, releases debut single titled HOLY.In this Rhythm and Blues remake of the classic worship song, Holy Holy, Harrison delves into the ever-present every-sure holy nature of God and shows how we should continually look forward to extolling Him at the break of each new day. The song was produced by Ultrasound and lyrics video was curated by Oyez. Enjoy!

Download HOLY by Harrison (Harrisonic)

Video: HOLY by Harrison (Harrisonic)

HOLY by Harrison (Harrisonic) Lyrics:

I will lift my hand
And as well I’ll lift my voice
To you.
No one can share
None can brighten up my morning but you.

You are my strength
You’re the center of my happiness
That is why (echo)
I sing(echo)
Holy holy.

Holy holy holy
Lord God almighty
Early in the morning
My song will rise to you.
Holy holy holy
Merciful and mighty
God in three persons
Blessed Trinity.

Ten thousand tongues
Cannot tell of your mercies (to me)
I eat my fill
From the abundance of your goodness

You are my Love
You’re my joy and peace
And everything
That is why (echo)
I sing(echo)
Holy holy holy


Holy holy holy.
Holy holy holy

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