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Essense by Nessa



Lyrics – Essence by Kind Nessa



What would I be…

If you didn’t send your son for me..

Wetin I for show.

Daddy if to say You no show

Tell me Who I for call

Papa if You been no pick my call

Amanam utibe nkpo

Bo ikom itoro



You are My Essence(3 times)

You feel my life with fragrance

You are my Essence(4times)

Oh how I love Your presence



What would be without You

I would be lost without You

How can I cope without You

I’m a mess without You

I for Don kpai without You

I for Don go without You

I for Don craze without You

I love You


(repeat chorus)


Back ups sing chorus



And libs on the chorus

That’s Who You are

And that’s Who You’ll be

Obama mimo

Omo Mimo

Emi Mimo

That’s who You are

Ndidem Ndidem oh

That’s Who you are

Dike nagha

Odugwu akataka

Mighty Man in battle

The One Who maintains my sanity

My rock of Ages

My helper

Defender You are oh God


(Backups sing)

You are my Essence repeatedly till fade

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