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‘Use the name of Jesus with Authority’ says Nathaniel Bassey as Testimony increases from #HalleluyahChallenge



Nathaniel Bassey

Nathaniel Bassey, A popular anointed Nigerian Gospel Artiste, whom God has used in so many dimensions to reach out to His people officially commensed the #HalleluyahChallenge and since it started the testimonies has been mind blowing.

A testifyer (anonymous) testified of how God delivered her from the oppression of demons.
She said..
####Good evening sir. Here is my testimony.
This morning when we were praying you said we should call the name of Jesus into every situation, you also raised a prayer about evil counsel against us and our family. I took these seriously and after the prayer I slept with your song “there is a place” playing

I dreamt (it felt so real I can even call it a vision) that a demon possessed lady was tormenting me. Held me upside down, seized my voice, was beating me up. I tried to fight but didn’t success. I ran but then I came back and said I can’t run I’m a child of God. I asked God why I was calling the name of Jesus and nothing was happening. He said to me as clear as day “what did I tell you before? Call my name with authority!” And then I started shouting Jesus fearlessly. The demon possessed person started trembling. And I woke up calling out the name of Jesus. The dream was long but this is the summary.
I thank God for his victory and rescue of my family from the hold of the enemy.####

Use the name of Jesus with AUTHORITY! Says Nathaniel Bassey..

To join in the#HalleluyahChallenge which kicked of on the 1st of February and will end on the 21st of February follow Nathaniel Bassey on Instagram @nathanielblow. Key into this challenge as God will not fail to turn your life around.

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