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The Inspiring Journey of Taiwo Adeyinka



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About Pastor Taiwo, The Director Of Taiwo’s Prophecy;

Pastor Taiwo Adeyinka is a bundle of talents. He is a major writer, producer, director and composer of the sound score of the short film Ola.

As a Pastor, he is noted for his strong and extraordinary teaching and eloquent ability.

His multi-talented ability as a Spiritual personage has given him a great level of popularity and fame long before he adopted the film-making career.

But intense struggles in his former church (the Seventh Day Adventist church, Nigeria), lack of communication and so many ill intentions he experienced led to his separation from the church.

After leaving the church, he joined a WhatsApp online ministry, Sons And Daughters Of God (SADOG). There, with his supernatural ability and accomplishments, he became the president of the online ministry within very few months.

Afterwards, due to the experience he had in the SADOG, he was able to establish his own media brand, Taiwo’s Prophecy.

Taiwo’s Prophecy is a media company that creates inspirational Christian content.

About The Ola(Wealth) Movie

In “Ola (Wealth),” the newest movie from Taiwo’s Prophecy, you’ll be taken on a trip through greed, family, and redemption. Kolawole Gbenga Akinola, Ifeoluwa Ogunade, and Morounfola Bukola are among the film’s brilliant group of actors. Taiwo Adeyinka and Afeez Adekunle wrote and directed the movie.

The main character of the film is Ola, a well-known food vendor from Nigeria with an unquenchable thirst for more money. His obstinate desire for wealth has made him oblivious to his loved ones’ needs. He rejects his sister’s request for financial aid, leaving her stranded and defenceless.

Despite his success, Ola feels hollow and alone as a result of his desire for fortune. He doesn’t start to realize his mistakes until he had a profound contact with Jesus Christ. Ola comes to understand the actual worth of family and the necessity of prioritizing their needs over his own via his newly discovered faith.

The film powerfully and movingly examines the concepts of love, forgiveness, and redemption. Outstanding performances from the group make the story come to life and make it approachable to viewers of all ages.

You’ll be taken aback by the unexpected twist in the movie’s ending, which will leave you wanting more. It is worth watching all the way through, but we won’t give anything away here.

For those who cherish the value of family, forgiveness, and redemption, “Ola (Wealth)” is a must-see film. The picture is a remarkable work of art because of its breathtaking visuals, brilliant plot, and stellar ensemble. To view the video and learn more about Ola and his quest for redemption, click the link or look it up online.

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