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The church has what the good people and youths of Nigeria are Looking for – Victoria Orenze



Victoria Orenze is a gospel Singer, songwriter, recording artist, stage performer and a spiritual worshipper who is well known for her ability to bring the heavens down with her songs.
She believes worship should lead people to Jesus Christ. She is best known for her songs, ‘Covenant Keeping God’, ‘On Fire’, ‘Brooding’, etc.

Mins. Victory Orenze is one of the Gospel Artist who has been against Sars, Police brutality and Bad government in Nigeria.
According to her on her social media handle,
She said :

It has been one week since the killing of harmless protesters, we have been praying for their families for strength in these times…

We as believers, will not stop demanding justice for them, and many others because that’s what we stand for as the Church.

We demand for justice on our knees in prayers and we speak out as well.

And Let me tell you that God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sows, he will reap.

Anyone that sows death and does not receive the mercy of Jesus will also reap death.

We know that everything in darkness concerning this will come to light.

God bless us as we continue to stand for what Jesus stands for.

According to her, the Church of God has what Nigeria youths are looking for and that is Truth, Justice,
Fairness and Accountability and so she urges Christians in Nigerians not to keep calm but speak about their Faith in Jesus Christ.

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