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The Answer by Toluwanimee (Mp3 & Lyrics)



The Answer by Toluwanimee

Toluwanimee release’s her 1st single for the year. Indeed amidst the Global pandemic, there is no bolder declaration of faith than to Say God did it and he is “The Answer“. Toluwanimee teams up with Music Mastero Sunny Pee again on this one and it promises to be an amazing blessing.

The Answer by Toluwanimee Lyrics


You’re the answer to my unanswered questions

You’re the song when there’s no song to sing

You’re my words when I’m speechless

Your the lyrics to my melody


Your the God of a second chance

My promoter when no one else will

Your my glory , your my lifter

God of angel armies, You

gave me the song I sing


you made a way for me

You open doors for me

Light of the world , you calmed every storm

For me

Yahweh you did it before

you ‘ll do it again for me

My lord and king

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