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Messiah Mo by Godstime Okorie ft De General



Messiah Mo

2 Samuel 22:50, “Therefore I will give thanks unto thee, O LORD, among the heathen, and I will sing praises unto thy name”

The praises from our lips are the sweet smelling fragrance received by God. Such praises are heart cry from a heart of gratitude, indebtedness and worship.

Music Minister and Songwriter, Godstime Okorie premiers yet another spirit filled song he titled “MESSIAH MO” which means My Messiah. The piece which is a sound of praise and total submission extolling the wonders of God was produced by OluwaDrumma and had the additional poetry feel by Degeneral.

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Messiah Mo Lyrics by Godstime Okorie ft De General

You’re deserving of all Praise
Ancient Zion’s King
My Life depends on You
Yahweh Ibu Messiah Mo

Eh Hallelujah
Eh Hossana
To you we lift up our voice
So We cry
Yahweh Ibu Messiah Mo

Times and seasons may change
But You remain the same
The sanity of man may alter
But You remain the same
You are the loving description
Of our eternal beautification
The succour in times of our rejection
When we felt depressed
And we were faced with oppression
You are always there
Because You are beyond
The norm of our limited wisdom
You are the perfect Symphony
And rhythms to the beatings of our drums
Our ways were crooked and perverted
Yet you made them straight
Answers to our prayers
We never felt prey or bait
While Faith held us
And it looked like we were unrighteous
Your love was there and has been very obvious
The One who makes the future
Better than our present past
Simply to prove that Your Word will always come to pass
Your Love reaches our deep ends
Not like that of people that depends
Our perfect defense in times of violence
The absolute picture of confidence
I look and behold Your wonder
Because You are the deity
That always makes me wonder.

Yahweh Ibu Messiah Mo

Be Blessed

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