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Meadow by Jillian Edwards (Album)



Meadow album by jullian edwards

American singer-songwriter, Jillian Edwards releases a brand new EP titled “Meadow” available now all major digital outlet.

Jillian Edwards’ voice is a time machine, transporting listeners to another time and place entirely. Whether she’s drifting through a daydream or reflecting on the intricacies of what it means to be human, Edwards changes the scene with a singular note. Her latest endeavor ushers in a fresh setting—one filled with lush grass, quiet streams and vibrant wild flowers. With music ready-made for rest, solitude and comfort, Edwards invites listeners into a state of abiding on her new EP, Meadow.

Jillian Edwards latest project “Meadow” mirrors the season in which the majority of the songs were written. “The first time I felt an urgency and a vision for what my next collection of songs would be, my heart was filling up with songs that were a response to both faith-shaking moments and faith-solidifying moments in life. I’ve seen circumstances bring suffering and pain, but I’ve also seen healing and hope in those places. I wanted to give language to those moments.”

Download Meadow by Jillian Edwards below


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