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Jehovah by King Williams (Mp3 Download)



Jehovah by King Williams

King Williams releases a powerful single titled JEHOVAH. He is a worship leader and song writer who believes in reaching out to souls through gospel songs, A soulful and energetic worshipper, giving his all as he leads us to worship our father.

He released his first album titled GRACIFIED in 2018, an album which featured his debut single OGAEME that introduced him into the music scene. He hosts an annual worship session “GMG” Great and Mighty God which has hosted many renowned music ministers within Nigeria and beyond.

Talking about the song JEHOVAH, king Williams says “in My quest to have a personal revelation of who God is, I had to relate it to the areas he shows up for me : my Health and provision and All what is clearly stated in scriptures in Isaiah 42:8”.

Download Jehovah by King Williams below

Jehovah Lyrics by King Williams

(we bless god almighty)
Dah dah dah dah
Jehovah yes you are
Jehovah yes you are (2x)
Healer yes you are
Healer yes you are (2x)
Provider yes you are
Provider yes you are (2x)

(Lift your hands and worship ah
Yes you are my Jehovah
You are my Jehovah
Yes you are
You are Jehovah Rapha
My healer
You healed me
You are Jehovah jireh
My provider yes you are

You are Jehovah
None can stand your name o
Yes you are Jehovah
Yes you are)
I call you
Your name is
I call you
Your name is
When the name shows up
Every knee will bow

For God has so exalted the name above every other name
That at the mention of the name every knee must bow
Every mountain will crumble
Every problem will bow
Somebody lift your hands and calm him Jesus

Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus
Jesus yes you are
Jesus yes you are
You are the son of the living God
That’s who you are
My healer
Jesus yes you are

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