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Holy Ghost Fire by Resonance



The group known as Resonance was made up of two different individuals male and female with two different styles. The male, a rapper the other is an excellent singer with a voice that can be compared with the likes US Ciara.

The duo of Esther Abigbo also known as ‘E-Star’ and Uche ‘Gucheano’ Ozoigbo, formed Resonance back in 2006 in Enugu eastern Nigeria, with a focus on gospel music. Their debut album “Chinwe Ike” means God is great in English sold many copies, and was an instant hit in Nigeria and beyond. It really set them off, winning many awards in Enugu and Lagos. Their future was bright, they’ve everything going for them, they were even tipped to overtake the likes of P.Square, D’banj, and Samsung, gospel or no, suddenly they vanished.

But here’s one of their music Holy Ghost Fire, this song despite this song still retain it’s message and we encourage you to download the song and get blessed.

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Holy Ghost Fire by Resonance lyrics

Let the holy ghost fire burn all the bad people in town

You wanna jazz me
But Jesus has me
You wanna stop me, break and even drop me
You try to bring me down
But Jesus got my crown

You wanna gun me and overrun me
They wanna spite me fight and even burn me
They wanna tie me down to the ground

They no no say with Jesus I dey kampe
I dey Kampe e e
With the Holy Ghost fire (coming along the way)
With the Holy Ghost fire (coming along the way)
With the Holy Ghost fire (coming along the way)

Verse 2
He want to lure me and devour me
But putting himself and his world before me
He wants to take control, fishing for my soul

Oh no, na Jesus I go follow
From today till tomorrow o
E no go bring me sorrow


Odeishi me ma I no dey shake
The lord on my side like rod I no fit break
I dey kakaraka like Bagco super sack
Na Jesus got my back when the devil attack
Because I small you think say you fit make me fall
I have a God who answereth by fire when I call
Know this, I am a child of God for your notice
And all you wicked souls you must av no peace
As I waka pass the valley of shadow of death
I no go fear or even hold my breath or comot sweat
You I dey warn don’t try
I am covered by the blood of Jesus till I die
Why you think say you fit stop my shine (na lie)
You think you fit stop me before my time
Bros that Jazz as well e no go last
With the holy ghost fire na you I go dey blast

With the Holy Ghost fire (coming along the way)
With the Holy Ghost fire (coming along the way)
With the Holy Ghost fire (coming along the way)

Fire burn dem
Burn dem o

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