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“Facebook Is Not The Place To Settle Doctrinal Issues” – Baruch Okeoghene



Port Harcourt based Gospel Artist and Music Director, Baruch Okeoghene advices young gospel music Ministers saying they should not build their ministry/destiny on controversy.

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Don’t build your ministry/destiny on controversy, Don’t be the one that is found on the comment box of every controversial post, Don’t be the one posting on every controversial issue, Learn self discipline and ask Jesus to help you have self control.

When you are correcting, Learn to leave out pointing indirect fingers, Address issues as issues, If possible, Use scriptures to address issue while you buttress a little and then proffer solutions, Remove negative emotions from your message, LOVE has underlying characteristics, If you’re correcting in LOVE, People will know, Above all, KEEP THE FOCUS on JESUS, Preach Him to the Lost, Alot of people out there still need Him, Facebook is not the place to settle doctrinal issues, God bless you.

These things can impede your future success, People are watching,

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