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Ebezina by Preye odede



Lyrics – Ebezina by Preye Odede


It’s the same God, who was there for you in the midnight hour

It’s the same God Who is able to wipe your tears away

It’s the same God Who was there in times of lack and want

It’s the same God Is Jehovah My great provider


Tell me why you’re giving up on God

Tell me why you’re giving up on Him

Tell me why you’re giving up on God

Hold on, change is on the way



Ebezina, Chukwu non nso (Don’t cry, God is close)

Ogini bu nsobu gi (What is your problem?)

Ima-na odi adigideh (He does not take long)

Nwa nnen mo, Jide si eh Ike (Beloved, hold on to Him)

Hi si anya gi eh (Wipe your tears)

Chukwu di gi atu asi (God never lies)

Oge a diri gi nma (It’s going to be alright)


Don’t you cry, change is here

Weeping may endure for a night

Joy is gonna come in the morning

You don’t have to cry no more

Hold God by His word, he’s gonna do what his says

Lift your hands and give him praise






I know you’ve been crying – I understand

I know you’ve been wounded – But it’s OK

I know you’ve been broken But I’m here,

To mend your broken heart

Believe in me, you will overcome

Your yesterday will be a story

I’m the God of all flesh

Nothing is too hard for me to do

Don’t you forget (I calmed the sea)

Don’t you forget (I raised the dead)

Don’t you forget (I came to die that you might live forever)

Don’t you cry is gonna be over, You will overcome today

Wipe your tears and give him all the praise

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