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Breathing Room by Kim Walker Smith (Mp3, Video & Lyrics)



Breathing Room by Kim Walker smith

This is a live performance song by the Jesus Culture worship leader and lead singer “Kim Walker-Smith“, as she come through with a worship song titled “Breathing Room” alongside the video.

Breathing Room by Kim Walker Smith Lyrics

I have found breathing room
My soul can rest in You
No longer have to fight
The burden’s lifted
The weight is light
You are my steady ground
No need to worry now
The fog has cleared away
And I stand uncovered
Walk in Your grace

My heart is wide open
My heart is wide open
As I breathe in every word
That You’ve spoken

You speak right to my core
Don’t have to hide anymore
There’s nothing I can do
But stand in Your presence
Completely consumed

I’m letting go
I’m letting go
There is breathing room
For my soul

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