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Abba My Helper by Blessed Amara (Mp3 Download)



Abba My Helper by Blessed Amara

Paving ways in 2023 with resounding faith and heartfelt devotion, US-based gospel singer and songwriter, Blessed Amara, makes her debut in the music industry with the release of her soul-stirring single, “Abba My Helper.”

“Abba My Helper” is more than just a song; it’s a moving tribute to the unwavering presence of God as our Father and Helper, regardless of the challenges, pain, and trials that life may throw our way. It serves as a powerful reminder of the unchanging nature of God’s promises, which are always “yes” and “amen.” The song’s central message emphasizes that trusting in Him is the ultimate and most rewarding course of action in life.

In “Abba My Helper,” Blessed Amara seamlessly weaves together two languages, Igbo and English, to convey the depth of God’s supremacy, power, and boundless love. The bilingual approach adds an extra layer of resonance to the song, making it accessible to a wider and more diverse audience.

Blessed Amara’s heartfelt lyrics and soulful vocals are sure to resonate deeply with listeners, creating an atmosphere of worship, reflection, and praise. “Abba My Helper” is a testament to her profound faith and her dedication to sharing the message of God’s love and support through her music.

Blessed Amara is a rising star in the gospel music scene, and “Abba My Helper” marks the beginning of what promises to be an impactful musical journey.

Download Abba My Helper by Blessed Amara below

Abba My Helper Lyrics by Blessed Amara

Verse 1

You’re the God who never sleeps nor slumber
you’re the Lord, who never fails
You’re the God, your words are yes and amen
You hold the world in the palm of your hand

Oh oh oh oh ooo
Ibu chi muo, Anya nji ahu uzo
onweghi onye yiri gi
N’ine gi, oshimiri Ata Ata

Abba You’re the lifter of my head
Mountains and hills liquefy at your presence
Even when I walked through the valley shadow of death
You’ll hold my hand
You’ll comfort me

You’re so faithful, strong and mighty God
Powerful is your name, alpha and omega
Defender my helper
wonder working father,

you never lie, you never sleep,  you never slumber, you never disappoint
All things are possible with you
You can all things, what you say you’ll do-that’s what you’ll do
Unquestionable, dependable God

we worship you father, you caused the lame to walk
you made the blind to see
In you we put our hope
Everything depends on you God
You’re our everything
We love and trust Lord

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