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Yeshua (Cover) by Doris Francis



Yeshua Cover by Doris Francis

Portharcourt – NIGERIA: Sensational worship leader and Gospel artiste, Doris Francis releases a powerful cover of popular worship songYeshua

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Yeshua (Cover) by Doris Francis Lyrics



When we call you, you will answer


When we call you, you’ll deliver

There’s no name, no name greater than yours (4x)

Verse 1:

Your name is a strong towel

The righteous run into it and they are safe

Who can denied that you are crown

Who can denied that you are lord,

Lord of all

There’s no name

No name greater than yours (repeat)

Verse 2:

Many are the afflictions of the righteous

And the Lord, and lord delivers them all

Things change when we call your name

It’s something we can’t, we can’t, we can’t explain.

Oh uh oh!

Your name is bigger

Your name is stronger

Your name is higher

Your name is higher, higher,

There’s no name


Demons trembles at the mention of the name Jesus

No name ehh greater than yours…


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