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Safe in your arms by Purist Ogboi



Lyrics: Safe In Your Arms By Purist Ogboi


Verse 1

In your presence I am content

I don wanna go anywhere else

Under your wings I am secure

I am safe in your arms



I am safe where you are

Safe where you are

I don’t wonna go anywhere else



Verse 2

In my weakness

Lord you’re my strength

My present help In times of need

You’re my glory..

You’re my comfort

Lord I’m safe in your arms



Lover of my soul

I give you full control

All my life,

I will dwell in your house

You’re the air I breath

In you I have my being

I’m safe right here…

Where you are



I don wonna go any where else

I wonna stay right here

I don wonna go any where else

I am safe right here…

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