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NEW!!! Koinonia to launch services in 5 foreign countries this year



Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman dropped a piece of fantastic news about the arrangements for the koinonia meetings restricted to Zaria, Nigeria. During the first Koinonia service of the year 2020 in Zaria Apostle Joshua Selman opened up.

There would be gatherings in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, South Africa, Ghana and Canada once a year, Apostle Joshua Selman said. It’s primarily a meeting for foreign visitors, though it would be open to anyone who still wants the experience of Koinonia. He also stated that the meetings would be strictly by registration so that it would be completely necessary to carefully manage and assess those attending.

This is really the launch of a Dominion Year at Koinonia(Eternity Network International). Start telling your friends in those countries to anticipate with great expectations these meetings as it would surely be a blessing to them.

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