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Ile Ologo by Sateazy x Yhung John



Ile ologo

Ile Ologo (Glorious home) Features Shittu John Oreoluwa, popularly known as Yhung John (The Vital Rapper) a multi talented, vibrant, young and dynamic gospel music artist who passes God’s message through rap music…
Alongside, Obimakinde Shegun Testimony, popularly known as SATEAZY, a gospel fujician, a percussionist, a lover of gospel music, and a radical praiser with the word: onapraisediet…

Both teams up as musical twins to give us a mind blowing jam, a mixture of afro fuji and rap, titled Ile Ologo (Glorious Home) which is produced by award winning producer Smart P.
Ile ologo is fostered by an experience of both artist who in turn calls the attention of everyone to the Glorious home… This jam is sure to get your feet swept off the ground…

Ile Ologo by Sateazy x Yhung John Download  mp3 here

Ile Ologo Lyrics
When will you serve God?
This year, next year, now or later…
Serve God oo ooh oh…
Smart P on the beat

Shebi Ile ologo la wa nle (We are after the Glorious Home)
Awa o lona meji (We don’t have two ways)
To ju Ile Ologo (Other than the Glorious home)
Ema fi oju elese wo omo mo (Don’t see us as sinners anymore)

Rap Verse 1:
Sateazy and the vital rapper,
We dey thank God, we be singing, we be rapping..
We bless God for the things that we passed through..
We made mistakes but the Lord did the fixing..
Born a sinner till the Lord came to rescue
Jesu ti gba ikoso aye mi (Jesus had taken over my life) I feel brand new..
That is why the meaning of my name no be title..
I be God son, yhung John, I’m vital too..
When will you serve God? Now or later..?
Think about it, do not try to be clever..
Seek ye first the kingdom and everything would be better..
Jhoor ma lo so pe (Please don’t say) we could talk about this never..
Shebi Jesu ti (Jesus has) pay the price..
Salvation na free wetin you con dey price..?
Be careful, the devil sef fit disguise, come close in other to beat you twice…

Back to refrain

Omo leyin Jesu (Jesus disciples)
Ejeka yin Jesu (Let’s praise Jesus)
Omo leyin Jesu (Jesus disciples)
Ejeka yin Jesu (Let’s praise Jesus)
Tori iyin sha lo oun ti baba nfe (Because God inhabits the praises of his people)
Iyin sha lo oun ti baba nfe o (God inhabits the praises of his people)

Rap verse 2:
Many things that I passed through..
I swear the heavenly race no be beans mehn…and that’s true..
Though I fell, but help came through..
Thank God for Mercy, a lot of prayers helped to..
Ahhn Everyday as I rise pondering on the church and the life of the Christ…
I’m still ashamed that I’m haunted by my past
In the same church, the very place I’m adviced..
Is the church a place of refuge?
I don’t know no more, every move that I make is judged by my past and it’s deluge..
And it kills me more, the new me is drowning I need you very fast to come to my rescue..
Though I fell, (giggle) But help came through..
Many things I swear that I passed through..

Back to refrain
And then Bridge.



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