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Ex-traffic police officer who appears to have been apprehended as the reincarnation of Jesus Christ



Jesus Christ

Russian authorities have detained a former traffic police officer who was running a cult while pretending to be the reincarnation of Jesus. For the last three decades, Sergei Torop, known as Vissarion to his adherents, has been leading a religious sect known as the Church Of The Last Testament.

jesus christ

Sergei Torop has been running a religious sect for about three decades. Photo: Sky News Source: UGC According to The Guardian, Sergei was arrested in the depths of Siberia, where his communities are based, with helicopters and armed police storming the area before capturing him.

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Along with two other community leaders, he was arrested and accused of extorting money and causing physical and psychological harm. The 59-year-old lost his job in 1989 and, shortly after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, later claimed to have experienced an awakening.

The former traffic police officer has a community based in Siberia. Photo: The Guardian Source: UGC Many of his followers range from professionals from Russia and also believers from several countries across the world, according to the Guardian. His followers, based in Siberia, reportedly wear strict clothing which is always bright in colour and count years from 1961, the year Vassarion was born.

Christmas to them comes early in the year on January 14, which is Sergei’s date of birth. According to BBC, they are also not allowed to consume meat, coffee, tea, sugar, and wheat products.

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