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Chim by StMichael Egbe (Mp3 Download)



Chim by StMichael Egbe

Nigerian Abuja-based gospel singer and worship leader, StMichael Egbe returns with a new sound titled “Chim,” alongside the music video directed by Befly Creative for Jedidiah Sounds Studio. The audio is produced by Dave Cujo.

According to StMichael Egbe the song Chim was inspired by God’s unimaginable faithfulness upon his life.

“There was a time in my life that I was very sick for a few years, I even visited many hospitals and diagnostic laboratory centres, and guess what, all the results were negative. At this juncture I knew that all I could do now is to believe only on the reports of God and his reports says that i am healed. Then I asked God what could be wrong with me. He told me there’s something he wants me to do for him soonest.”

“I went to bed and the song Chim came, I woke up the next morning singing the song. Immediately I quickly called my producer and we hit the studio. Every other thing became a blessing. I believe that God is trying to pass a message to people through this song Chim, that all we are is by His grace. The good health, life itself, protection, and provisions are all by His grace. We should always be THANKFUL to Him.”

Download Chim by StMichael Egbe below

StMichael Egbe Lyrics – Chim

Chorus 1
Chim ooo
Chim eeh
Chim oo, so gi na za’m ekpere
ihe ni le nwere, so gi ne nyemu ooo
Chim ooo ekene ka’m jiri bia
Ahu esike mu o
So gi ne nyemu oo
Chim mu oo, ibu chi na za’m ekpere

Add lib. Ooo 2x

Verse 1
You are my God,
you are my father
You are my healer
I will always praise your name
Thank you for loving me
Thank you for choosing me
Thank you for everything
I will always sing you praise..
Ooo.. everyday, for you are the living God
You are my great provider
Jehovah mee eh
Thank you for loving me
Thank you for choosing me
Thank you for everything..
Je.ho..vah meeeee..eeeeh

Repeat chorus 1 till fade.

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