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Celebrating Prophet Isaiah Wealth: An Emerging Prophetic Voice and Philanthropist 



Prophet Isaiah Wealth – an apostle of grace, called of the Lord, one of God’s chosen vessel, raised up in this generation to declare the word of God with great power and prophetic anointing. Passionate about the salvation of the unsaved, God guided his steps into the vineyard where the labourers are few, and made him a fisher of men. Called and recognized as a prophet to the nations, coupled with his great love for people, his heart carries the mandate of Christ, which is a display of the blend of the supernatural and philanthropy as we see written of Jesus in Acts 10:38. 

His philanthropic activities cuts across race, tribe, and religion to deliver top-notch humanitarian services in different continents, through OneSound Charity, which currently operates fifteen NGOs catering for the needs of women, children, and less-privileged in the society, especially in Nigeria where his newly established- The Empowerment Network (TEN), an arm of OneSound Charity, is fighting to eradicate poverty in Nigeria by 50% before 2030.

His hunger to reach the lost with the Gospel drives all his initiatives, programs, and efforts which include the recently established OneSound Bible College where he serves as Chancellor. His expository teachings sandwiched with great illustrations and the power of the Holy Ghost has also carved him a niche as one of the most outstanding revelator of scriptures of this time. Also, his OneSound Devotional Box is the first-of-its-kind multi-version devotional tract that now reaches several thousands of people daily. 

As a pastor and sought-after financial adviser, he has mentored many beyond his congregation into financial freedom and helped many more in business development and strategy for wealth creation, as he facilitates in the Royalty Money Academy (RMA). His ministerial mentorship and fellowship platform – OneSound Ministerial Association, is helping many young ministers today in the way of Christ.

Prophet Isaiah Wealth preaches that hard work, backed by God, is a guaranteed formula for success. As one of his legacies of this colossus, he believes the hand of a giver is always on top. So, he prefers to work hard – to have surplus to give to those in need.  

He is the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Gospel Pillars International Churches with Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. He is also the president of the Isaiah Wealth Ministries, which is active in church planting and charity work in more than three continents of the world. 

Over the years, His ministry has witnessed the wonder working power of God, evident in power-packed prophecies, deliverance, liberation, and salvation of souls. There are few anointed that God set apart to reach nations through the supernatural gift of prophecy, and Prophet Isaiah Wealth is one of the special ones.

Prophet Isaiah Wealth is also a prolific author and a vocal speaker. He has written nearly 100 books, including Prayer & Witnessing, study course series, and Church Growth, Church Finances and Pastoral Ministry. He has also composed and recorded several songs including the famous ‘Jesus My Everything’, under his record label OneSound Music. The focus of his message and mission is to equip the individual believer in living and witnessing for the Lord.

Prophet Isaiah Wealth lives in Lagos, Nigeria, where he also oversees the Pray Nigeria Movement, an arm of OneSound Revival TV, a nonpartisan organization that leverages on his connection with heaven to use prophecy in directing the conscience of the people and leaders towards righteousness, development and national transformation. He is also the convener of the June 12 fast, a 7 days fasting program for Nigeria, born out of a vision to propel Nigeria into her God ordained Destiny.

In 2022, the LORD spoke to him that it was the ripe time to commence the movement for the revival and unification of the body of Christ, for which he created the OneSound Revival TV- which has commenced several programs to obtain the promise of the Lord and continues to impact many with life-transforming programmes globally and on satellite via free-to-air decoders across Africa and Asia. 

From glory to glory, His life tells the story of a faithful servant labouring in his master’s garden. He personifies the epochal change in the Christian faith and practices what he preaches with great leadership, attitude, style, and class. He is straight forward and brilliant with biblical courage. A peace-loving leader, he is a model to Christian leaders around the world.






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