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Bigger by Pearl Jam



Pearl Jam is a singer, song writer that has been singing since she was eight, a proud citizen of the LoveWorld Nation aka Christ Embassy. Her first single ‘HEAVEN’ was released on the 8th of March 2017 and since then she has gone on to release other songs like ‘THANK YOU’, ‘FORWARD’, and ‘THINKING OF YOU’…songs that have gone on to bless many lives around the world

Today she brings to us yet another deep and powerful song ‘BIGGER’. The song talks about the bigness of God regardless of however life happens. You should listen to her go…you’d understand better then why people say Pearl Jam is a place!

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Beyond all of my needs
Beyond all of my wants
Jesus you’re bigger…
Bigger than all things

Beyond every pain
Beyond every mistake
God you are bigger
Bigger than my past

You’re bigger than the hurt
You’re bigger than the cares
You’re bigger than my mind
Bigger bigger
Jesus you’re bigger bigger

Beyond all of my plans
Beyond all of my goals
Jesus you’re bigger
Bigger than my dreams

Beyond every win
Beyond every triumph
My God you are bigger
Bigger than my best

You’re bigger than tomorrow
You’re bigger than forever
You’re bigger bigger bigger Lord
Bigger bigger
Jesus you’re bigger bigger

It don’t matter how the tables turn
One thing’s for sure
You’re God all by yourself
Nothing can take you unawares…
Jesus you’re bigger!

I’m not afraid of tomorrow
Coz I know Lord, you’re bigger…
Bigger bigger
Jesus you’re bigger bigger

Beyond every prayer
Beyond every seed
Jesus you’re big
My God you’re big
You’re bigger than my faith.



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