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Awesome by Ken Anucha (Mp3 & Lyrics)



Ken Anucha releases a new worship song titled “Awesome”. The song emphasizes the mightiness of God in our lives as stated in Zephaniah 3:17. 

Awesome is a song that reminds us of how mighty God is as well as his awesomeness in our lives that keeps us going. Listen, download, be blessed, share, and never forget that God always shows himself mighty if we believe regardless of the challenges at hand.

Awesome by Ken Anucha Lyrics

Oh oh oh [3x]

You are awesome
You are glorious
You are powerful
Magnificent God
You are awesome
You are merciful
My sustainer
Omniscient God
You are awesome [3x]
Glorious God
You are awesome [2x]
My sustainer
Oh oh oh oh

You’re a mighty God
You do wonders
No one can fathom
You’re mighty in our midst
You’re a loving God
You heal the sick
Raise the dead
You do impossible things
We stand in awe

You are awesome
You are glorious
You are powerful
Amazing God
Oh oh oh oh oh
You’re amazing
We stand in awe of you
You’re a great God
You are mighty in our midst [3x]
You are awesome

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