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I Believe by Thombie (Mp3 & Lyrics)



I believe by thombee

Following the release of her debut single ‘Enough for me’, ThomBee drops a New song “I BELIEVE”. This is the believer’s anthem that is centered on the Christian Creed. The new Testament urges us to believe in Jesus Christ.

The well-known scripture John 3:16 explains that God loved the world and gave His Son so “that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” Other passages promise that those who believe in Jesus receive forgiveness of their sins (Acts 10:43) and salvation (Romans 1:16). Believing in Jesus Christ is obviously the foundation of the Christian Faith.

Believing is more than an intellectual acknowledgment that the Bible is true. Believing is also more than having confidence that the Scriptures are divinely inspired. To truly believe means to have faith that God is alive, is active, and is keenly interested in me today.

ThomBee is an anointed and sensational gospel artist, songwriter, and worship leader based in Abuja. Her songs bring the gospel to the public, preaches the death, resurrection of our Lord Jesus, and the believer’s life in Christ.

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I believe by ThomBee Lyrics

I believe in Jesus
I believe He died and Rose from the dead
I believe in the finished work on the cross
I believe in the power in Jesus name
With my mouth I confess it
In my heart I affirm it

I believe I’ll tell it to the world
I believe
I believe when my lover shall come
I will be like Him I will be like Him

I believe I will rise with all the saints transformed in glory
I believe I’ll live forever more in immortality
I believe in Jesus
I believe in Him x2

I will not perish
I will not perish
Cause I’ve been saved by the one who’s coming for me
I will not waste
Cause I’ve been saved by the one who has given me life forever
I will not waste

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